Does your project lack illustrations? I can be useful here.

My name is Natasha Spivak. I make editorial illustrations and illustrations for brands using lovable characters and metaphors. I can also capture likeness in portraits. Just have a look!

I use humour and metaphors, and can crack any text. I was drawing for various corporate and NGO media, including Samsung and Coca-Cola. Maybe you are the next?

Illustration is commissioned by Coca-Cola

Emotions for Brands

Add some emotions and fun to your brand communication! 

Illustrations are commissioned by Affinity Water.

Lovable Characters

Receive emotional response with lovable characters.

Illustrations are commissioned by Veeamand FBS Inc., plus personal


If you need to catch likeness, I am here for you.

Illustrations are commissioned by Band School, plus personal


Plus, my illustrations look good animated. Just look at this gorgeous TV ad for Affinity Water.

My list of clients: Coca-cola, Google, Samsung, Servier, GP Agency, Affinity Water, Grab, T Brand Studio, FBS Inc. and others

I am open for projects, so feel free to write at

Thank you for the interest in my work!✌️️

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