Editorial illustration is my favourite. Clients give me an article, and I need to create metaphors and assosiations based on the text. My fantasy works at full speed then! I have been working with different topics, including finance and economics, and can crack any text. Here you can see some illustrations that I have made for Samsung, Grab, Coca-Cola and others.

Samsung Explore

brand media about the usage of devices

Grab in NYT

a paid post in New York Times about Grab super app 

You can see it on the webpage


myths about Coca-Cola

GP Agency

a media about Youtube trends


a fund, which supports different NGOs

Servier - If you have a heart

48 illustrations for a medical web portal

You can also see illustrations for brands, comics, characters or a pile to see the style.

I am open for projects, feel free to write at spivak.illustrator@gmail.com

Thank you for the interest in my work!✌️️

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